• Sports Massage

  • Sports people often tend to push their bodies too hard, short-changing it on rest, recovery and sleep in the pursuit of perfection and greater excellence. Knitting work and life around sport becomes more difficult. Sports massage will not only get rid of those stubborn injuries, it can help you stay on schedule with your training regime.

    Understanding Sports Massage

    When you find yourself getting frequent back pain, muscle injuries or even stress, then sports massage is for you. Sports massage therapists are trained to work with athletes to help them avoid injuries, loosen up and cool down after exertion, enhance their general performance and quicken up recovery after an injury. Sports massage focuses on increasing the range of motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness and pain and promoting faster recovery after muscle overuse.

    However, do not be fooled by the name: sports massage is not just for sports people, athletes and dancers. It can revitalize and reenergize the muscles, ligaments and joints of every one of us. It is very likely that life’s stresses, aches, tensions and niggling pains weigh you down every now and then, and this is why a little bit of deep tissue massage, stretching, and soft-tissue release will do you a world of good.

    So whether you are an office executive, a soon-to-be mum, a professional footballer or an ultramarathoner who cannot stop running, our deep tissue massage is guaranteed to get you results.

    Getting Started with Sports Massage

    Your goals are what drive our sports massage treatments. Are you struggling with an injury, working through a strenuous training plan or do you simply want to liven up your legs and body before a match or a competition? At Lewis Morgan Physio, we appreciate the value of a great sports massage, but even more importantly, we know what works when. So we keep abreast of the latest developments in soft tissue work because we want to continue being the best.

    Our therapists take pride in fixing injuries and helping you live a full life. We love our work, and this is why our clients leave not only feeling much better, but also better informed on how to treat their bodies. This is extremely vital especially for athletes who exert their bodies almost daily. For such people, sport is their life, and injuries can be demoralizing and devastating. When an injury recurs, it can be heartbreaking.

    Return-to-play decisions can therefore be very difficult and nerve-racking, but leave that to us. Much of our success springs from giving the right advice on the best time to resume training and when to step it up. We are aware that you’ll be losing fitness during such times so we will create an alternative training plan for you when you are injured.

    We monitor your progress and any changes taking place in your muscles so that we deal with any setbacks when they occur. We will advise you on the best foods to boost your recovery so that you can resume training soonest possible.

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