• Pre and Post Operative

  • Occasionally surgery may be required but this is very much a last resort and only undertaken when more conservative measures like physiotherapy have failed to produce the desired or expected result.  Orthopaedic surgeons will always ensure patients have first received a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and proper course of treatment before considering a surgical option.

    Pre-operative treatment

    Pre-operative treatment helps you as a patient get assessed by the physiotherapist for a preoperative examination and treatment/intervention plan. The whole aspect of doing this is to get a baseline of information including the location of one’s pain, functional abilities, one’s strength, and range of motion.

    The purpose ultimately enables you to have a faster and easier recovery from any orthopaedic surgeries.

    Post-operative treatment

    A major contributor to a successful outcome following the surgical procedure is good physiotherapy treatment that concentrates on;

    • Restoring optimal mobility.
    • Compensation for any functional loss.
    • Strengthening weakened and disused muscles.
    • Restoring normal movement patterns and habits.

    Discomforts aided by physiotherapy

    These are some of the discomfort areas that physiotherapists are able to deal with and have their clients go home happy;

    • Shoulder surgery- arthroscopy, tendon or ligament repairs, decompressions, joint replacement, fracture management and acromiolavicular joint repair.
    • Hip- arthroscopy, labral repair, joint replacement.
    • Spinal- fusions stabilisations, discectomy injection.