• Sports Injuries

  • “Sports injury” is a broad term which refers to any injury that occurs during sports or when exercising. They typically result from accidents, poor training practices, lack of proper conditioning, inadequate warm-up and improper equipment.

    The most common types of sports injuries include dislocations, muscles sprains, tears of the ligaments and tendons, concussions, knee injuries, fractured bones, cuts and abrasions. There are two categories of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Acute sports injuries are those that occur abruptly, such as an ankle sprain caused by awkward landing. Chronic injuries are as a result of overuse of muscle groups or joints or poor management and treatment of acute injuries.

    Non-surgical solutions

    At Lewis Morgan Physiotherapy, we provide multi-disciplinary services centred on non-surgical solutions for all sports and orthopaedic injuries. We offer injury diagnosis with complete clinical assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for injuries at various recovery stages and tailored or sports-specific services.

    We have physiotherapists and sports massage therapists with years of experience helping athletes and non-athletes alike to make a full recovery. Contact us today and let us help you lead the active life you desire.