• Repetitive Strain Injuries

  • A repetitive strain injury is essentially an overuse injury that occurs due to the use of repetition of the same movements which cause damage and inflammation to the muscles, tendons and nerves. Generally repetitive strain injuries are associated with forearm and limb pain which can be anything from a trigger finger to tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. RSI can also be caused by repetitive activity at work which can be relieved by small changes to your lifestyle and work environment. The treatment of RSI starts with identifying what activity is causing the problem and then taking steps to reduce the activity and how you do the activity.

    Fixing the problem of RSI can be as simple as doing the appropriate stretching exercises as you attempt to break the habits causing the injury. Talking with an expert is certainly a good idea, as he or she can advise you of the steps you can take to make the pain stop. In certain cases the use of cold packs, clasps or supports can help a great deal. However, physiotherapy is the most common treatment, providing advice on stretches and posture to relax as well as strengthen the muscles. Other physiotherapy treatments may consist of massage, frictions, ultrasound, taping, mobilisations and acupuncture.