• Home Exercise Programs

  • At Lewis Morgan Physio, our therapists routinely collaborate to develop home exercise programs for our patients so that they can continue working towards their short and long term goals even while at home. Given that our therapists are highly experienced with advanced certifications in their fields.

    Our exercise modules are based on a deep knowledge of how the body moves and functions, what keeps it moving and how best to restore mobility and eliminate longstanding medical and fitness issues. This expertise has been garnered through many years of experience working with various patients and helping them to get back to a full life.

    When you first visit our clinic, we perform a detailed assessment of your problem by examining the subjective history of your condition, symptoms, medications, impairments and other aspects associated with your medical history.

    The therapist will then conduct an objective examination of your posture, range of motion, strength, fitness and perform other specialized orthopaedic tests. Once the assessment is done, the physio will explain to you the cause(s) of your problem and how best to deal with it. One way is by getting our therapeutic home based programs to enable you to fit in your treatment with your daily routine.

    The advantage of home exercise programs

    Home-based stretching and exercise programs are a vital component of many physiotherapy treatments. The therapist will advise you on how you can continue with the routines while at home so as to help your progress.

    For some people, this may be all they require and we are always glad to make the program as beneficial as possible. As with many other long-running medical treatments, physiotherapy seldom works with office appointments alone. Appointments are the guide, but more work has to be done at home.

    Even if you feel better after a short time, do not stop doing the exercises so that your progress continues and regression is avoided. Resist the temptation to skip exercises because then you will be limiting the advantage. Commit yourself and be diligent and you will reap the gains.

    Want to see how you can blend in your treatment with your lifestyle? Talk to us today and learn more about our home training system.