• Womens Health

  • Studies show that approximately one-third of all women in the UK experiences various women’s health problems in their lifetime. About 3.5 million women struggle with pelvic floor problems at some point in their lives, and a third of them go on to develop urinary incontinence while pregnant. Other conditions caused by pregnancy consist of lower back, pelvic and pubic pain.

    Physiotherapy for women’s health is immensely successful at addressing most of these challenges and alleviating the symptoms. However, most women are not aware there is help available, and so they needlessly suffer for a long time.

    From incontinence to breast problems, pelvic pain or bowel dysfunction, there is very strong evidence that physiotherapy successfully treats these conditions. At Lewis Morgan Physiotherapy we have experienced physiotherapists who can teach you pelvic floor and core stability exercises. All they care about is helping you to resolve these issues and to lead a better life. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of these problems, our consultation and services are highly confidential, and female therapists are available if required

    Is there anything affecting your overall wellbeing? We can help. Talk to us today and book a private consultation with a women’s health expert.